EU DG-DEFIS ceremony at 15th European Space Conference

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NanoXplore was thrilled to celebrate at the EU DG-DEFIS ceremony of the 15th European Space Conference the achievement of the first EU-made fully ESCC Space qualified rad-hard FPGA.

FPGA are a critical component of satellite equipment and NanoXplore SAS is proud to champion the EU strategic autonomy (EU-SA) and Europe’s technological sovereignty.

This successful outcome is the result of strong support from public institutions such as the European Commission, the National Centre for Space Studies (CNES) and the European Space Agency (ESA), as well as tight industrial collaboration between NanoXplore SAS and STMicroelectronics.

NanoXplore SAS is now poised to deliver an ambitious SoC FPGA roadmap, starting with the release of the NG-ULTRA SoC FPGA in 28nm FD-SOI.

Timo Pesonen, Director General for Defence Industry and Space (DG-DEFIS) and Edouard Lepape, General Manager of NanoXplore SAS exchanging the NG-MEDIUM FPGA developed in 65nm and produced on a sovereign European supply chain managed by STMicroelectronics.
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